Wonderful feedback from a memorable Family Trip to Israel – September 2014


When we got back from Israel I  was so enthused and felt so metamorphosed by the whole experience.

There was not a day where I felt languid or bored. It was probably one of the most invigorating trips I have ever had. We do feel in large part that was thanks to you.

jaffa tel aviv blog

Jaffa, Tel Aviv

You obviously know Israel well and also us well and you put the two together and it was a magic chemical reaction. It was such a moving experience and one I won’t forget … or ever be able to duplicate. Tel Aviv does not sleep for one minute. It was noisy and busy and so exciting and lots of gorgeous people and perfect weather. We ran every morning along the beach front promenade. We cycled to Jaffa harbour. We had sundowners on the beach in a cafe on the sand. We swam. We played bats. We dined in the beach front pubs as well as the falafel joints around the corner. We shopped. We walked and walked, and we laughed and laughed.

tel aviv marc harries

Tel Aviv Beach

We also had some truly moving experiences … one of my favourite being the Palmach museum. Everyone who goes to Israel should go to this museum. It so brilliantly illustrates how bravely and determinedly the devastated souls that survived the holocaust by the skin of their teeth, fought for Israel and what an imperative it really was. No one who goes through this museum and hears the story and realises how young and resilient and almost superhumanly tough and courageous and full of hope these pioneers of Israel were, can have any doubts how deserving the Israelis are of their hard-won land. War torn and ravaged, these unbelievable youngsters carved out a modern homeland for the Jews who had been the subject of continual persecution in the world. It was an incredibly touching exhibition. It made Israel make perfect sense and put so much in perspective.


Palmach Museum

Jerusalem was altogether another experience. I knew I would be blown away by it but it was beyond what I imagined it would be. The achingly beautiful old city, the intense cultural and religious mix, the profound kotel, the vibey souks, the heart-wrenching but magnificent yad vashem, the emotion and history that soaks every cobble and stone in the place are indescribable.

Jerusalem at Night

Jerusalem at Night

yad vashem

Yad Vashem, Jerusalem

Our guide was so knowledgeable and relaxed and friendly and we felt looked after and in very competent hands all the time.

Honestly it was all just such a pleasure. You paced us beautifully and no one was stressed or bored keeping time with the itinerary. Our rhythm couldn’t have been predicted better.