SkyRestSkyRest, is unlike any other travel pillow, and has earned the title of the world’s most comfortable and versatile travel pillow!

Because it’s inflatable, SkyRest is easy to pack and carry on board. No need to worry about inflation or deflation either. SkyRest has a removable one-way valve that allows quick inflation and deflation. See the FAQ page for details. SkyRest, is the world’s first travel pillow designed for use in any kind of seat, and leg a support pillow that can be used to support your legs, head or any other part of your body that may need some support.

SkyRest can be used anywhere. However, the primary intended use for it is while sitting in a commercial airline seat. Its patented design is one of the first to use the natural tendency of your head to tilt forward to help you get comfortable rather than just wake you up when your head falls forward! With SkyRest you want your head to tilt forward so you can lay it down on its soft top and get some rest.

SkyRest has proven itself to be an extremely versatile traveling companion. Unlike most travel pillows, that can only be used to support your neck IF you can recline AND your seat has a high enough back, SkyRest can be used in ANY seat as well as many other situations and positions to help ease your pain while traveling. Just watch the slide show above to get an idea of some of the uses for SkyRest

Rather than relying on the ability to lean back in your seat as with most travel pillows, SkyRest recognises that this is not always easy or possible. Even if you can lean back, the angle may be too small to allow sleep without your head falling forward and instantly waking you up! To use SkyRest you lean forward rather than backward to rest your head. SkyRest does not require any particular configuration of the seat. It doesn’t matter if the seat tilts back, how high the seat back is or where or even if there is any sort of head rest. It can also be positioned in several ways and used as a table or desktop pillow for taking those “power naps” in order to boost your productivity.

Since it is an inflatable device and designed to inflate and deflate very quickly, it can be packed into your carry-on luggage and inflated once you are in your seat. It is very lightweight and can easily be moved around to allow for passenger traffic. We sincerely hope that SkyRest?helps you to get many hours of rest on your flights, train or car trips or on those long stopovers between flights!

SkyRest has been featured on Good Morning America, the CBS News Early Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Real Simple Travel and USA Today among many others.

To purchase SkyRest, you can either phone (02 94401455), or email Travelbookers ( or pay by PayPal.