Jean Abel ( Owner / Manager )

I have many years of travelling experience in both business and leisure travel.

My strength is Corporate travel, where I am adept in matching the exacting needs of the Business traveler, their budgetary restrictions, their need for well located hotels around the globe, and also the requirements for last minute bookings and changes.

I have personally travelled extensively around the USA, including Hawaii, and also parts of South America.   I have travelled independently and with a group to various regions in China and have done tours, cruises and independent travel extensively through Europe.

Other destinations that I have personally experienced include:  Egypt, Southern Africa, India, the Maldives, Mauritius and Reunion,  much of Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Singapore, the Philippines and the South West Pacific, including Fiji and Tahiti.

Through having inspected myriad properties in most of these destinations, I feel truly able to help most clients, with almost any travel query or arrangement.

I am able to offer advice, and more importantly, I have worldwide personal contacts and have sourced several niche travel products, which are exclusive to Travelbookers.

Travelbookers are able to advise and recommend travel based on a wealth of personal experience

Karen Kelly

I have been with Travelbookers for 14 years, after having travelled extensively myself.

I handle both domestic and international enquiries for Travelbookers, and also service large Corporate Clients who have demanding and exacting standards.

I like to think of myself as a whiz in all aspects of domestic travel particularly, and love helping Australians and overseas guests discover this wonderful country.

Having  travelled all over  Australia and New Zealand, I feel comfortable recommending all types of Australian and Pacific Holidays. The other countries I have travelled to are  Fiji, Tahiti, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Europe, with more recent visits to both South Africa and Mauritius.

Debbie Fleischer

I joined Travelbookers in Sept 2009 and have come with 20 years of experience, gained both in South Africa and then in Corporate and leisure travel in a busy North Sydney Agency.

I have in fact been in the travel business all my working life and pride myself on giving each and every customer exactly what they want, both price and experience wise.

With my knowledge of fares and ticketing and my contacts with all the major airlines, I think I give Travelbookers a competitive edge in superb customer service and acquiring the very best fares of the day

I have 2 young children  and we go on frequent family holidays, which gives me that knowledge and experience of “travelling with kids” today, and  knowing their likes and dislikes and also the best destinations and modes of travel suitable for the younger ones.

Jean says:
“Debbie is  one of the top travel  consultants in Australia today.”

She was finalist in the AFTA Travel Awards “Best International Consultant 2009”

Anna Nenchev

I have  25 years experience in the travel industry and specialise in Eastern Europe and other areas of Europe.

Having myself originated from Eastern Europe, I come with extensive knowledge of the needs and wants of my clients.

I am able to provide the best costings for travel to that area, and am able to service a huge amount of travellers who are visiting friends and relatives there, and others who are just starting to explore that region.

Over the years  I have built up a loyal following of clientele who not only travel to Eastern Europe, but who travel worldwide. As a result of my specialist knowledge of the travel industry and influence with the airlines, and also the large amounts of tickets purchased, I am able to secure clients best fares and give them round the clock 24 / 7 service.

I service large Corporations as well as having many clients who have remained faithful to me for years, travelling worldwide, and recommending me to their friends and relatives.

Langdon Levy

I have spent 15 years as a ski tour guide taking groups of up to 1000 people to the snow fields in Australia and have taken sports groups skiing from Australia to Canada, escorting them all the way.

Jean says:
“Langdon is the best possible person to arrange and oversee any sporting tour.

His attention to detail is absolutely meticulous and any tour operated by him is guaranteed to be a success “

Anna Mulkearns

I started off working for Travelbookers as a “temporary agent” filling in for staff who were off on leave and have now been employed as a permanent part time International Agent in the growing business.

I have travelled all over the world and have 25 years of  Agency experience booking anything from bus tickets to cruising to round the world First class tickets